Insurance Solutions

Insurance serves the purpose of protecting you from a financial risk or loss. For this reason it is important to be properly insured, especially if you are a major breadwinner or major contributor to your family's income. At AllCarePlans you have access to an array of health and life insurance products to suit your needs. We provide access to affordable individual & family health plans, dental & vision insurance, Medicare Plans, disability insurance, life insurance, annuities and small group plans. Via our platform you have access to over 30 highly rated national insurance carriers. 

Get a free consultation to assess your insurance needs with a licensed insurance broker. Put yourself on the right path to protecting your health and financial future. Download and complete our Insurance Needs Analysis or Final Expense Worksheet and schedule an appointment to learn more about affordable coverage options.

Wealth Building & Retirement Income Solutions

Wealth building and saving for retirement are typically pursued by average individuals using traditional means of investing in securities and contributions to various retirement plans. These assets subject you to market risks that can severely impact your financial goals, delay retirement and diminish your quality of life. 

By using the little known strategies of large banks, corporations and wealthy individuals, we can help you minimize these risks with a properly structured banking policy. This solution will protect you from market fluctuations and provide guaranteed growth. 

Key benefits of a banking policy

  • Tax deferred growth and asset protection from creditors and lawsuits
  • Improved cash flow and liquidity
  • Ability to privately finance purchases and investments outside of traditional financial institutions
  • Alternative source of tax free retirement income

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PEO Broker Services

Performance Employer Organizations (PEO) are ideal solutions for small to medium size businesses looking for ways to increase the quality of their employee benefits and lower their administrative costs. Their benefits pooling model offer access to national fortune 500 employee options that can be a key factor in acquiring and retaining top talent. 

Our partnership with top PEO's can help save your business significant amounts of money in overhead costs. We will match you with A PEO that customizes service options suitable to your organization's unique needs. 

Key benefits of PEO partnerships:

  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Processing of payroll and taxes
  • Workers compensation Management
  • HR Administration

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