The list of services below are offered to clients free of cost to meet their healthcare and financial needs.


Receive a one on one consultation to review your healthcare needs, discuss plans available to you and guidance through the enrollment process in the event you identify a plan you like. A licensed health insurance agent will answer all your healthcare and medical plan questions and concerns.

Educational Presentation

Educational presentations are Medicare Made Clear events that provide an overview of Original Medicare (Parts A & B), Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C), Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Supplements/Medigap Plans. This service is a great benefit to individuals new to Medicare and those confused about how the program works. Plans offered by specific health insurance carriers are not covered in this presentation.

End of Life Planning

Through the organization Legacy Safeguard, you receive assistance with end of life planning. The process includes free enrollment into the Legacy Safeguard program which has a $90.00 value. You will receive assistance in documenting things such as personal achievements, family values and last wishes. You will be provided advice on funeral planning; calculating its costs and making arrangements for how it will be paid for. For more information, click the Legacy Safeguard link on the right navigation of this page.   

Financial Needs Analysis

A financial needs analysis is a complimentary, confidential and customized plan for you and your family to better understand your personal finances. It gives a detailed overview of your current financial situation and suggests a personalized strategy for your financial security. It offers a variety of strategies to ensure your financial future should you die prematurely. It provides a detailed analysis of how much money is needed to prepare for retirement, illustrates strategies for paying off credit cards and loans quickly and efficiently, shows several strategies for funding your children's education expenses and pulls all your information together by outlining specific steps to put your plan into action.

Sales Presentation

Sales Presentations are events that provide an overview of specific plans of different health insurance carriers in a formal setting to groups interested in enrolling in a health insurance plan. The presentations are tailored to present plans specific to the desires of the group in attendance. The event can include coverage options for Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug or Medicare Supplement plans.