To help clients meet their healthcare and financial needs, we offer a suite of services free of charge. 


Receive a one on one consultation to review your insurance needs, discuss available plans and guidance through the enrollment process. A licensed insurance broker will answer all your insurance plan questions and to alleviate any concerns.

Educational Presentation

Educational presentations on are in-person or webinar events that provide an overview of insurance products such as life insurance and Medicare. This service is a great benefit to individuals confused about how the these products and program works. Plans offered by specific insurance carriers are not covered in these presentation, but more so serve as an overview of there features. 

End of Life Planning

Through the organization Legacy Safeguard, you receive assistance with end of life planning. The process includes free enrollment into the Legacy Safeguard program which has a $90.00 value. You will receive assistance in documenting things such as personal achievements, family values and last wishes. You will be provided advice on funeral planning; calculating its costs and making arrangements for how it will be paid for. For more information, click the Legacy Safeguard link on the right navigation of this page.